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Cuba Hepatic and Lung Transplant Debates
Leal is also the Dean of the “Miguel Enriquez” Medicine Faculty, and he highlighted the progress of Cuba in the area of transplants, because Cuba has made more than 200 liver transplants, with satisfactory results.

Doctor Manuel Cepero Valdes, a surgeon from the Cuban Medical Surgical Investigation Center (CIMEQ), said that the survival of these patients reaches 90 percent at a year, and more than 80 percent at 5 years after the surgical operation.

Leal pointed out that in 2005, CIMEQ started so-called Program for Lung Transplant with two successful interventions, though one of the patients died after a year and a half.

Both persons were treated for suffering chronical obstructive lung diseases.

Leal explained that not all the organs are valid for being transplanted. A lung gets deteriorated quickly, and its maximum lifetime is just six hours, which joins the problem that rejection to the transplant affects a great percentage of cases.

Spanish doctor Jose Luis Garcia Sabrido, from the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid, taught a master conference on the treatment to peritoneum carcinosis.

The event will be in session up to Friday at the Havana Convention Center.


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