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Students in Las Tunas Bet for a Culture of Prevention
In teaching centers they will also exhort to say no to the social discrimination of those contaminated people and will motivate the audience in those 66 centers of the FEEM to join to their movement.

They will also distribute instructive pamphlets and condoms to the students and professors on the topic, with the objective of motivating the people to have sexual relationships with protection.

Those more than 26, 000 students of the midle teaching, are from 15 and 18 years old, ages that hardly 10 years ago were included as the prone to the infection, but it diminishes, thanks to the multiple informations on the topic.

The Federation of Middle Education was created on December 6, 1970 with the idea of revitalizing the student movement and to channel their complaints and interests before educational institutions, State organisations and the national and international government, and in Las Tunas it joins students of 66 high school centers, polytechnic, art, and sport institutions.


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