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 New Latin American Film Festival Expands with African Sample
The African sample includes eight films from South Africa, Tunes, Mali, Algeria, Morocco and Mozambique. Many of those movies are co-productions with the United States, France and Portugal.

“Munyurangabo,” by Korean-US Lee Isaac; “The Yellow House,” by French director of Algerian origin Amor Hakkar; “Making off,” by Tunisian director Nouri Bouzid, and “La costa de los susurros” (The Coast of the Whispers), by Portuguese film maker Margarita Cardoso, are some of the new offers.

Along with the traditional collateral screening of Nordic, German, Spanish, French, Italian and American films, the festival will also include a sample of Russian movies and another one in the fantastic genre, plus 27 renowned films produced in this part of the world.

The Havana Film Festival, which will run until next December 12, will be contested by 114 Latin American movies, including documentaries, cartoons and opera prima works. In all some 503 films will be screened during the festival.

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