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Argentineans Read and Write with Cuban Method
The meeting at the legislative council in the territory was attended by relatives and friends of the graduates, and headed by Mayoress Graciela Rosso, Claudia Camba, president of the foundation A Better World is Possible (UMMEP) and local officials.

Among the guests were Francisco Delgado, counselor of the Cuban Embassy to Argentina, and Sergio Rondon Alarcon, advisor of the Latin American and Caribbean Pedagogical Institute (IPLAC), creator of the method applied in several Argentinean provinces and other countries.

On behalf of the graduates, Maria de los Angeles Rodriguez read her first letter, thanking all those who made possible that she was able now to help her children with school homework, and communicate with the father.

Meanwhile, Delgado congratulated those involved in the task, and recalled that the literacy campaign was the first task by the Cuban Revolution to offer education and culture for millions of illiterate people.

He said the meeting showed the results of that solidarity, and UMMEP intends to provide education for as many Argentineans as possible, when there are about 12,000 illiterate people in that country and as many as 3.3 million worldwide.


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