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 The book Project Censored 2009 to be Launched in Havana
Authors Peter Phillips, a US sociologist and Ernesto Carmona, a Chilean journalist also include in the book some of the most significant Latin America-related stories that were not covered at all during the past 32 years.  

The stories published in the book were deeply researched by Project Censored, an initiative by the Sociology Faculty at the Sonoma State University, in California.

The book exposes the covert operations against former Chilean President Salvador Allende during the Richard Nixon administration (1969-1974). The work also refers to secret plans by the Ronald Reagan government (1981-1989) to turn conflicts that arouse in the 1980´s in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala into an open war scenario in Central America.

The book will be presented by journalist Ernesto Carmona, who is also a writer and executive secretary of the Investigation Commission on Attempts against Journalists at the Latin American Federation of Journalists.

Project Censured 2009 was highly demanded by the public in Venezuela during the recently held 4th International Book Fair.
Top 25 Censored Stories for 2009 (


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