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Cuban actress Adela Legra, protagonist of one of three stories of the Cuban film "Lucia", directed by Humberto Solas which explored the lives of Cuban women during different periods Cuban history, stressed the contribution of Havana film festivals to the development of the seventh regional art and recalled her participation in the first editions of the event.

From those initial years, the festival began to mark the difference in relation to other cinematographic contests of the world, characterized by all its splendor and glitz.

In statements to Prensa Latina, she pointed out the importance of keeping that authenticity.

Legra describes Gibara’s Poor Cinema Festival, founded by solas, as a paradigm of simplicity and artistic rigor, one of greater works of the recently deceased film director Humberto Solas, one of the most important film makers of Cuban and Latin American filming and a decisive person in her career as an actress.


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