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Cuban cultural mission is multiplied in Venezuela
The same as their compatriots in Cuba, after the passing of the most recent meteorological phenomenon, in the Venezuelan country, actors, musicians, dancers, painter and art instructors moved towards the evacuation centers in order to take spirituality and art to the victims.

Ana María Pellón, specialist from the Cuban Ministry for Culture in the South American country told AIN, through the Internet, that the artists are working with much love and these days Corazón Adentro is multiplying its spirit in every action people make, she declared.

During the end of last week, torrential rains hit the Venezuelan capital and it was necessary to evacuate many families living on the hills, peripheral sites of the city, towards safe centers in order to avoid fatal consequences.

Cuban creators came immediately in order to support through their singing, dancing, circus numbers and other artistic manifestations, in answer to principles of lack of interest and solidarity.

Corazón Adentro¸ included as one of the programs of the Alternativa Bolivariana para las Américas (Bolivarian Alternative for America) (ALBA in Spanish) is taking place in Venezuela, from this April, aiming to take culture to the poorest regions, where art had never reached before.


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