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The Cuban war drama Kangamba was exhibited in Mexican movie theaters
The most recent movie by the moviemaker Rogelio París recreates the unforgettable combat of Angolan and Cuban troops against counter revolutionary forces that were greater in number, assisted by the South African apartheid regime in the locality of Kangamba.

The Cuban ambassador in Mexico, Manel Aguilera, highlighted the meaning of the internationalist work of the Caribbean country in the preservation of Angola’s independence and in the definitive defeat of apartheid in the south of Africa, when he presented the tape in this city.

During the first few days of August 1983, a group of 82 Cuban assessors together with more than 800 fighters from the Armed Forces for the Liberation of Angola were harassed in a physical space that was less than a football field and they came out victorious.

I wasn’t aiming to make a war movie, but a movie about men and women in the middle of war, declared the director of Kangamba during the premiere of the full-length movie in Havana just two months ago.

The movie deals with the reactions of fighters doomed in a life and death situation in which very deep convictions come out, declared París.

Together with Kangamba, there will also be movies from Argentina, Germany, Austria, Bolivia, Ecuador, France, India, Portugal, the Dominican Republic, Sweden and Venezuela screened in the Federal District, as part of the First Embassy Movie Exhibition in Mexico.


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