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Ozone Therapy on Slipped Disks Throws Positive Results in Cuba
Of more than 2,500 patients suffering from slipped disks who have received the treatment in the island over the past eight years, 1,500 experienced an improvement in their clinical symptoms, and less than 50 had to undergo surgery, Jose Luis Calunga Hernandez, with the Ozone Research Center told Juventud Rebelde newspaper.

The direct application of the gas to the spine or the muscles surrounding, reduces the slipped disk in any of its possible locations (lower back, spine or neck), the expert explained.

Ozone therapy is used in two hospitals in Havana, and also in the city of Guantanamo, in eastern Cuba. The treatment is also applied at the Ozone Clinic and at the Medical-Surgical Research Institute (CIMEQ) in the Cuban capital.

In Cuba, ozone therapy is used as well for the treatment of eye diseases like retinitis pigmentosa and glaucoma, and on other health conditions related to the central nervous system like Parkinsons and senile dementia, among others.


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