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Cuba Homage to French Scientist Concludes.
The meeting was celebrated on November 20 and 21 at the “Indio Hatuey” Pasture Experimental Station in Matanzas.
Experts debated on topics related to the life and work of the renowned French scientist whose remains are buried in Cuba where he lectured extensively, and the agenda of the event included conferences such as “The Use of Pastures” and “Extension of Results in the Local Development.”
The analyses included the concept of pastureland including trees inside the fields, as a contribution of nutrients to animals.
Cuban Master in Sciences Yuvan Contino said that science and history got together for Cuban agriculture to get richer with the pasture culture.
The program included presentations of the Andre Voisin Head Department of the Agrarian University of Havana, and the book “Andre Voisin: Experiences and Application of His Work in Cuba.”
The Andre Voisin Award was granted to important investigators, given by the promoters to outstanding workers of this sector.
Voisin died on December 27, 1964, and his remains were buried in Cuba, by his own will. He is considered a precursor of environmentalism and alerted on the danger of the use of chemical pesticides and his investigations were widely published in Cuba.
The Pasture Experimental Station was founded in 1963, and is associated to the University of Matanzas.

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