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Nowadays, there are more than 5,000 people with disabilities studying in higher education in Cuba, said Moraima Orozco, director of Special Education of the Ministry of Education. She spoke during the second day of the first International Meeting of Women with Disabilities to conclude the afternoon.
Orozco added that currently 11,000 children under six years could have risk factors, and need the help of special education.
In Cuba, there are 403 special education schools, each enjoying a high state priority and great social recognition. These schools and micro-universities are used to train special education teachers.
“Cuban children attending this type of school receive one or two courses, learn how to correct or compensate for their disability or special educational need, and then return to primary school with the rest of the children of their communities,” Orozco said.
At the meeting, the deputy director of the Pedagogical Sciences Institute of the Ministry of Education, Silvia Navarro, presented a world historical overview of the evolution of care given to people with disabilities in Cuba.
(Juventud Rebelde)

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