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Over 1000 Uruguayans Learn to Read and Write with Cuban Method
Last year, 2007, over 2,000 people achieved this goal in the South
American country thanks to the method created by Cuban specialists,  publishes today Prensa Latina news agency.

Yamandú Ferraz, director of the Assistance to Vulnerable Population and Communities section of the Social Development Ministry of Uruguay (MIDES), said that the results proved the advances his country is doing to eradicate illiteracy.

The official highlighted the educational possibilities of the Cuban
program, acknowledged by UNESCO, to be able to adapt to the conditions of the regions where is applied.

Around 15,000 youngsters over 15 never went to school, though the number of illiterates could be much bigger since around another 60,000 only went till third grade, and dropped from school a long time ago, reported the MIDES.


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