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2nd International Seminar on Nano Sciences and Technologies kicked in Havana
Some 30 experts from Germany, China, France, Japan, Spain, Great Britain and Russia are discussing the economic and social potential applications of nanotechnologies in such areas as electronics, computers, medicine, space exploration, meteorology and agriculture.

University of Zaragoza Professor Fernando Palacio, member of the Higher Council of Scientific Research (CSIC) says that controlling materials at a nanometrical scale paves the way for unprecedented miniaturization. He said this could lead to precision technology to manipulate atoms and molecules.

Palacio explained that although this technology is quite recent, there are already some outstanding examples of its many applications. He mentioned a project in Tokyo, Japan, where some buildings are covered with a layer of nanoparticles of titanium oxide to create a hydrophilic texture.

He also mentioned the design of drugs using magnetic nanoparticles covered by a biologically-active substance that could be guided with precision through the blood stream to the intended target organ.


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