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Cuban film Kangamba to be presented in Argentina
Screen 1 from Cinema, one of the venues of the event, was filled with people interested in the tape, directed by Rogelio París that narrates one of the most dramatic chapters in the defense of the independence of Angola in 1983 with the participation of Cuban military advisors.

In the presentation ceremony, with the presence of the president of the Festival, José Martínez Suarez, a member from the organizing committee highlighted the solidarity vocation of the Cuban people and their unselfish support towards other countries in the world, as the movie so strongly shows.

París, also, offered reference elements to familiarize the viewers with the contents of the movie and he highlighted its values from an historical and aesthetic point of view.

He also referred to the interest it has waken specially in the youngest generation, who is getting closer to those historic events through the big screen, therefore the importance of being true to the facts.

After the screening there was an exchange of questions and answers with the public, interested in some details of the historic deed that was narrated, whose landscapes are all from our country.

The Cuban Ambassador in Argentina, Aramís Fuente, referred himself to the rich history of Cuban solidarity with Angola in the military aspect, but also in economic collaboration and he highlighted the importance of showing in the big screen moments as those narrated in Kangamba in order to pass them on to newer generations.

There were also present the two main actors, Rafael Lahera and Amando Tomey.

Classified by the Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficos (Cuban Institute for the Arts and Movie Industry) ( ICAIC in Spanish), as one of the most ambitious and complex movie productions in Cuba over the last few years, Kangamba will be screened again within the XXIII Festival.


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