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Orlando Valle Maraca and his Nueva Visión are already in Havana
Apart from the concerts he also presented his new CD Lo que quiero es fiesta, with dance music supported by tradition. This album is not yet on the hands of the press, so we are unable to offer you any opinion. However, we know that it is influenced by current styles aiming to revive the sound of the band, according to the concept highlighted by the musician.

He was favored by the applauses of the spectators throughout his entire tour, and he also left a huge impact ion the media. From the West coast of California we received information praising the Maraca band, they play the salsa-timba-jazz style. The influences of the Irakere group have not disappeared, although they have searched for a more communicative line within latin jazz, more towards salsa. Simplicity is one of Maraca’s aims. I think that the road opened by the work Descarga total, is the exact way for this Cuban musician.

We are anxiously awaiting this re-encounter with the new album by Maraca, as well as a direct encounter with the journalists.


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