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Mexican Movement of Solidarity with Cuba sent about 20 tons of groceries
Members of the solidarity organization packed donations in front of the US embassy in this capital.

According to Peter Gellert, one of the leaders of the Movement, chose this place to prove that Cuba accepts donations but without conditions.

Washington, in its aggressive campaign against the island, states the Caribbean nation rejects support the northern country offers.

If the United States really wants to support Cuba, it must lift the blockade it has maintained for almost 50 years against the Cuban people, members of the group said.

This first shipment comprised of hundreds of kilograms of non-perishable foods, blankets, rice, beans and powdered milk will depart from the Veracruz port, in eastern Mexico.

After the path of the two first meteorological events, the organization of solidarity with Cuba called all Mexicans to support the island's people.

(Sierra Maestra)

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