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Cuba as first country of the world to elaborate cosmetics from organic Spirulina algae
Basic treatment outfit destined for oily and dry skin are among those most effective.

Others are those that stimulate the synthesis of collagen and muscular proteins, all commercialized under Shaman Line of Cosmetics, whose essential base is a whole algae source, that is why they are eco-friendly.

Skin cleansing and makeup remover creams, astringent masks, skin whitening cream, regenerators, protective creams, masks and body milk lotions are also among the Spirulin-made line.

Other cosmetics of great effectiveness are feet and hand moisturizers, a Celupharma treatment, an anti-cellulite cream that contributes to control fat storage in human tissues, and Herbagel, a massage gel for the same purposes.

They all have been created by national experts, these are products that replace imports and contribute to the Island currency income, AIN National News Agency reported.

Spirulin algae is cultivated in the country in the plant of San Jose de las Lajas, Havana province.


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