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 Cuban Artistic Brigade in Camagüey
The young members of the Cuban artistic brigade, coming from the Isle of Youth, will mainly perform for the affected people in the municipality of Santa Cruz del Sur, which was the one with more damage.

Santa Cruz del Sur, a town on the coast at 372.8 miles east from the Cuban capital, was devastated by Hurricane Paloma, with strong gusts of wind reaching 143 miles per hour and waves high up to 4 meters.

A total of 4,000 homes located in the zone were totally or partially destroyed.

Fine arts artist Alexis Leyva Machado (Kacho) said their mission is not only transmitting their affection, energy and joy to the people of Santa Cruz del Sur and all the affected zones in Camaguey, but also to help on the recuperation.

The Cuban painter assured his most wonderful portrait is to give the affected people back the gratitude for his contribution to the Cuban art education.

The first part of the Cuban artistic brigade is formed by 21 members, among painters, musicians, photographers, art instructors, and famous baseball player Michel Enriquez, who was also born in the Isle of Youth, and outstanding filmmaker Roberto Chile.

Leyva announced another 30 members from the Cuban theatre, dancing and humor, will arrive on Tuesday.

Two months ago, when hurricane Ike swept most of the Cuban national territory, including the Isle of Youth, from where Leyva is coming from, this Cuban painter was the promoter of this brigade, to take messages with cheer and support to the Cuban people.


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