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 Water Reservoirs Closely Monitored in Camaguey, Cuba after Hurricane Paloma
Rich in agriculture, Camaguey is home to the second largest combined water storage capacity in the country. After the storm, 21 of the 53 reservoirs were full, with excess water being carefully released to prevent flooding.

Despite its strength, Paloma was smaller than Hurricane Ike and left less rainfall. Nevertheless, in the municipality of Najasa, 400 millimeters were recorded; 300 in Sibanicu; and 200 in the coastal town of Santa Cruz del Sur, where paloma made landfall.

The head of the provincial center for water resources, Alexander Argilagos, told ACN that the average precipitation for November is already way above the average. Therefore, even though it is no longer raining in most of the territory, lakes and reservoirs are being carefully monitored.


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