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In December 30th International Latin American Movie Festival in Cuba
For this event, one of the most important one in the region, movie makers from all over the world promote the greatest solidarity with Cuba.

In his announcement Guevara synthesized the considerable losses in the economic infrastructure and the population from the most affected territories, due to the devastating crossing of hurricanes Gustav and Ike past August and September, so for the Festival will be destined “whatever is available.”

“Despite these special circumstances, the Festival that is celebrating this year its 30th anniversary, has to fulfill its historical mission above everything else” and continue the founding work of those that preceded it in Viña del Mar as well as other encounters from the region, trying to unite, in a brotherly exchange, movie makers from America and other latitudes, he stated.

Guevara sentenced that from that twinning has to emerge the possibility of a better world, where “every work that exercises or wakes sensibility in the rescue of human condition in all of its wealth and complexity, will always be a valuable contribution so that that dream of un-alienation and un-banality may become true.”

The idea of not getting to the festival with empty hands was born out of a solidarity letter from the Argentinean movie maker Liliana Mazure to the presidency of the festival, in which she suggest to re-design the call of the emblematic encounter for the benefit of those who need it the most.


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