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A classic novel of the Cuban literature analyzed in an international colloquium
Academician Alfonso Garcia, from Seville University in Spain, made his presentation Cecilia Valdés o el costumbrismo nostálgico de Cirilo Villaverde, notas a una lectura apasionada (Cecilia Valdes or the nostalgic stile of Cirilo Villaverde, notes of a passionate reading).

In the meeting, opened last Monday, there was also discussed Cecilia Valdés personaje teatral (Cecilia Valdes, a theatre character) by the Cuban specialist Marilyn Garbey.

Another topic included in the program was the presentation El dilema del criollo cubano en tres obras cimeras (The dilemma of the Cuban writer in three great works), by Steve Wakefield from the New Wales University, Australia.

With the presentation of La virgencita de bronce by Norge Espinosa and the Teatro de las estaciones theatre group, the guests were also able to enjoy a theatre version of a Villaverde novel.

In the opening ceremony of the colloquium, the Cuban writer Miguel Barnet, declared that with the first Cuban literary work, Espejo de Paciencia, was born the literary creation in the island, enriched by the philosophic thinking and the popular culture.

The meeting, sponsored by the Cuban Literatura and Linguistic and Book Institutes, started with the presentation of an edition of that poem, made by the researcher Enrique Saìz de la Torriente.


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