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Prestigious Cuban groups Exaudi Opens Choral Music Event in Cantabria
The event, organized by the Polyphonic Choir Voz del Pueblo, from Guarnizo in the municipality of El Astillero, presents from the register of the human voice different music genres like classic works from various periods, as well as pop and jazz, which give a particular and renewed emphasis to this 11th edition.

This important dialogue with groups that represent the plurality of choral music in the world is carried out in different stage spaces such as the San Jose Parish Church, the Breton Hall which is also venue of the theoretical lectures on contemporary choral movement, and the Leonardo Torres Quevedo Civic Center.

Exaudi arrives at the opening concert at the San Jose Church conducted by Maria Felicia Pérez. The Spanish audience and critics welcomed the group as one of the great groups of the whole Ibero-American community.

Its vast repertoire includes European, Latin American, and Cuban classics from the 15th -21st centuries.


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