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South Korean Dancers Debut at Havanas International Ballet Festival
During a news conference, general director Kim Sun-hee, the troupe’s professor and choreographer, said that it’s an honor to be close to prima ballerina assoluta Alicia Alonso and to have their first cultural contacts with the island.

She announced that the Cuban public can enjoy the pas de deux from Corsair, from the universal repertoire of classical ballet, and the choreography “Agonía en este mundo” (Agony in this World), which she has created, and will be performed by the 30 dancers making up her troupe.

She said that South Korea has brought in classical dance, hence its interest in sharing the experiences of Cuba’s National Ballet Company (BNC) –which she described as one of the best in the world- and be fueled by its vitality. She also praised the BNC’s unique style and its capacity to synchronize traditional dance with contemporary pieces.

Kim Sun-hee explained that her company will present the most typical elements of Korean ballet and made special emphasis of “Agonía en este mundo”, a call, by way of traditional dance, to save people from anguish and sorrow.

Dancers and companies from 19 nations are participating in the 21st Havana International Ballet Festival, which will run until November 6.

Throughout its history –it was created in 1960- the event has been attended by more than 1,000 guests from 59 countries, and has included 851 pieces -216 of them world premieres.

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