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Cuba to Host 3rd Convention of Culinary Associations
In an exclusive interview with ACN, FACRC president Eddy Fernández said that the event will take place on November 11 and 12 in Havana’s Convention Center, and will bring together more than a hundred delegates from all of the country’s provinces.

He emphasized that the production of food for the people is one of the nation’s priorities, so the meeting will also include debates on possible solutions which cooks could contribute. They will also carry out an assessment of the work done by the Federation in this regard over the last five years.

Participating in the meeting will be representatives from the fields of gastronomy and tourism, the ministries of Public Health, Education, Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food, among others, he said.

Cuba has more than 103,000 cooks, 62,000 of whom are members of the Association, the majority represented in the gastronomy, education, health, and tourism sectors.

The Culinary Federation has re-qualified more than 138,000 people over the last five years, 37,000 of them from the domestic trade sector, some 14,000 from the Ministry of Education, more than 10,000 from public health, and the same figure from tourism, explained the president of the institution.


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