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Cold Snap Ties Record Low Temperature in Cuba
The sharp drop in temperature, unusual for this time of the year in the Caribbean island, is due to a massive continental Artic air mass, along with little cloud cover and weak winds in the interior and south of the country.

A report by Granma daily newspaper says that other record lows were set in several towns in Havana province with temperatures of 9.2 in Tapaste; 9.3 in Melena del Sur; 9.4 in Bainoa; 10.9 in Batabano; and 11.2 in Guira de Melena, according to Anolkys Mengana of the Cuban Forecast Center.

The weather stations in Santiago de las Vegas reported 12.5 and Casablanca, across the bay from Old Havana, registered 18.4, said the expert.


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