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UN General Assembly Condemns US Economic Blockade against Cuba for the 17th Consecutive Year
UN member nations voted on Wednesday in New York, 185 in favor of the Cuban Resolution condemning the US blockade, 3 against and 2 abstentions.

A record number of nations condemned the US economic war which has lasted almost 50 years and which Washington has tightened in recent years. The blockade has had a more brutal effect after the passage of Hurricanes Gustav and Ike which devastated the thousands of homes, agriculture and other sectors of the Cuban economy. The US has, said Felipe Perez Roque been left alone in the world. The, said the top Cuban diplomat must be embarrassed to see how the international community favors the small rebel island. The US, said the top Cuban diplomat, "will never be able to bring the Cuban people to their knees. Neither blockades nor hurricanes will be able to take away our spirit. There will be no human or natural force capable of subjugating the Cuban people".

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