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China Book on Fidel Castros Reflections
The book, entitled "Reflections of the Commander in Chief", groups in 320 pages all the articles written by the leader of the Cuban Revolution in a period of almost a year.

The work was translated into Chinese language by a group of Chinese personalities, who studied Spanish language in Cuba several decades ago and are closely linked to the Caribbean island with their intellectual work and professional activity.

Researchers Xu Shicheng and Mao Minwei, the assistant director of the Institute of Studies of Latin America Song Xiaoping, and former ambassador Huan Ziliang, who also participated previously in the translation of the book "Cien horas con Fidel", were the experts who translated Fidel’s Reflections into Chinese.

Xu studied Spanish Language at the University of Havana in the decade of the 60’s, 20th century, increasing in that time his knowledge on the Cuban Revolution and its leader.

The fundamental facts of Fidel Castro’s life appear throughout 31 chapters within the respective historical context to facilitate readers’ comprehension.


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