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Cine Cubano 169 Magazine Dedicated to Film Memories of Underdevelopment
Issue number 169, corresponding to the two-month period of July-September, was recently launched in the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry by writer Eduardo Heras León, and by the publication’s director, Pablo Pacheco, vice-president of this institution.

The front and back covers of the magazine have references to the next two premieres of ICAIC, in future months: Ciudad en Rojo by Rebeca Chávez and La Anunciación by the experienced Enrique Pineda Barnet.

Critic and essayist Ambrosio Fornet inaugurates this issue with a Dossier dedicated to Memory…, that includes testimonies, mainly from Alea and reviews by the specialized critic of the period up to the most contemporary time, where according to him, “the reader will be able to come close to the movie’s production and reception process, to the astonishment and enthusiasm of a critic who concluded by validating it as a classic of world cinema.”

Enriching this tribute are two interviews carried out by journalist and television hostess Magda Resik with actresses Daysi Granado and Eslinda Nuñez, who gave outstanding leading performances in the film.

In a similar way appears the essay Hacer eterno lo efímero. Cine y ballet a propósito del 60 aniversario del Ballet Nacional de Cuba by Heras León, who highlights the merit and significance of ICAIC in producing films “of and about ballet,” many of them a testimony of the presence on the stage of our absolute prima ballerina.

Texts by foreign authors appear about international cinema, such as Documental y esfera pública en América Latina by English professor and film researcher Michael Chanan, and Ciudadano Kane y Orson Welles Antes y Después, an analysis of the life and work of the North American mythical actor and director, by Ukrainian specialist in Soviet film, Zoia Barash.

Deserving a section are the essays Amor y Cólera en Tiempos de Shakira by Cuban critic Joel del Río, who uses as a reference the process of creation and the result of the great super-production Love in the Time of Cholera, based on the book by Gabriel García Márquez, and Ernest Hemigway en el cine by writer Enrique Cirules. Both go into detail of the movies based on the texts of these two greats of the universal novel.

Other articles included in this issue 169 revolve around music from Cuban film, an interview with French filmmaker Christophe Barratier, the main organizer of the last French Film Festival in Cuba, an occasion in which his last movie Faubourg 36 (Paris 1936) was premiered, and a similar one with Cuban producer Guillermo Centeno, about his most recent offer, Destino, on documentary material.

The next number of the magazine has planned its launching in December, in the framework of the XXX International Festival of New Latin American Film of Havana, and will be dedicated to recently deceased Humberto Solás and the 40th anniversary of his great cinematographic work Lucía.


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