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Cuban Translators and Interpreters Honored
Bestowing the plaque, University of Havana President Dr. Rubén Zardoya pointed out that ESTI guarantees that official translations are done with quality, responsibility and perseverance. He noted that the institution has supported more than one hundred events in other countries, translates the “Reflections” of Fidel Castro into seven languages, and has maintained a close and fruitful relationship with the university’s Faculty of Foreign Languages in the training of its students.

“You not only transmit ideas, you also defend the Revolution,” added Lieutenant Colonel Miguel Landeras, head of the Office of International Relations and Collaboration of the Cuban Ministry of the Interior (MININT), as he awarded the certificate of recognition on behalf of that body.

During the commemoration, held at the Havana Convention Center, outstanding workers were recognized along with those who had completed up to 30 years service with the institution.

Presiding over the ceremony was Carlos Lage Dávila, vice-president of the Council of State and Ministries; he was accompanied by as several other party officials.

Founded on October 23, 1973, ESTI employs 150 specialists who work in 18 languages. The staff carries out governmental and official translations in Cuba, simultaneous interpretations of the “Round Table” news-commentary television program, and translates information relating to the case of the Cuban Five.

ESTI also supports teams of Cuban internationalists serving in disaster areas around the world, assists various diplomatic missions abroad, and translates news published in the national press for a number of websites.


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