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 Cuba Awards Director of Kangamba
Paris, who directed Cuban film Kangamba, said he was proud to receive the award at times when more than 600 thousand people around the Island have seen its film, epic tribute to the bravery of Cuban-Angolan soldiers in Africa.

The ceremony held at the headquarters of the UNEAC became a gathering attended by leading actors and the staff who exchanged experiences on the filming process in eastern Cuba.

Leading actor Rafael Lahera said that Kangamba is a worthy tribute to Cuban internationalist soldiers and to the people of Cuba.

Actor Armando Tomey, who played the role of the chief of Cuban troops in Cangamba, Colonel Fidencio Gonzalez Peraza, stressed the greatness of his example.

Major General Enrique Acevedo, who acted as consultant in the project, praised the will and sacrifice of the artists and staff that did a memorable work.


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