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Brochure on Ballet Design Launched in Cuba
The text of 30 pages, starts with the creation of the Queen´s Comic Ballet in France, in 1581 to the present day.

It also incluyes images of dresses and scenographies made in different epochs like the design of Pierre Luc-Charles Ciceri for the second act of Les Sylphides, in the Paris Opera, in 1832, just to mention one of them.

According to Fernandez, this new edition –the first was published in the decade of the 80s-, has a basic educational objective for the new generations. Also, it renders tribute to Alicia Alonso, with whom I have worked for 42 years, and the Cuban National Ballet which she directs and will turn 60 next October 28.

The text was presented at the new gallery Raul Oliva of the Bertolt Brecht Cultural Center, where the designs made by Cuban creatives for the scenic arts are exposed.

In that same space Fernandez exhibits part of his creations, among them 15 dress drawings, eight scenography drawings and dresses made for Alonso´s performance of Carmen, The Merry Widow, In the Middle of the Subset and Mestiza.

With almost 50 years experience, the artist accumulates about 300 works for theatre, opera, cinema and dance.


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