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Cuban Vice President Juan Almeida Bosque visited two construction materials plants in Central Cuba
Almeida guaranteed the workers that the country is determined to alleviate the scarcities caused by the impact of these phenomena in his visit to a roof tile production plant and the Cándido González floor tile production plant.

At the tile plant, he spoke of the importance installing the tiles correctly when roofing, in order to maximize their durability and the safety of homes. He inquired about the fibro-asphalt tiles produced at the plant for roofing tobacco drying houses. This plant has produced 90,100 tiles, and are planning to reach 1.2 million tiles by the end of 2008.

Similarly, Almeida was briefed about an investment that has allowed a daily increase to 5 tons the capacity of the plant to process cardboard, speeding up production and enlarging the thickness of tiles.

At the floor tile plant, Almeida, accompanied by First Secretary of the Party in Camagüey Julio César García, spoke to the workers, who explained to them different aspects of the production process, such as the

differences between tiles for interior and external floors, the use of moulds, and the kind of technology and materials involved in the process.

Almeida also inquired about the impact of the hurricane on the plant, and said that it was remarkable that the plant was producing 3,000 square meters of flooring materials again, given their importance for the reconstruction of houses in the country.


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