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FAO Warns against World Challenges
The effects of rising global temperatures will be more severe and they are already present in the form of floods and storms, noted the official from the United Nations Agriculture and Food Organization.

The solution is in the hands of governments, the only ones that can green-light the implementation of technologies to adjust to the new conditions and to minimize the impacts of climate change, he added.

Hiking food and energy prices over the past three years have caused the number of hungry people to increase by 75 million.

According to statistics, 41 million people in Asia, 25 million in Africa and six million in the Americas have no access to food, due to the aforementioned causes, Porto noted.

Cuba is FAO's largest provider of human resources and knowledge in the region, due to its success in preventing disasters.

Unlike other countries in the region, Cuba's social equality contributes to food security, he stressed.


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