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The famous US movie maker Steven Soderbergh to criticize US blockade against Cuba
After the screening yesterday of his movie Che in the opening of the Morelia International Movie Festival, in the state of Michoacan, the director said in a talk to the press that he has never understood the United States presence in Guantanamo.

Soderbergh expressed that the fact of a foreign country occupying territory of another country to have a military base seems today something unthinkable, without sense and represents an enormous gap.

Some time ago the occupation of Guantanamo seemed something weird, now, it constitutes a tragedy, said the director, producer, script writer and photographer of the movie on the life of the Cuban-Argentinean revolutionary.

He became interested in the personality of Ernesto Che Guevara because it was a high level personality that adopted the way of revolutionary actions, declared the Oscar winner from the year 2000 with the movie Traffic, when he talked about the argument of his latest movie.

The movie maker expressed that there are thousand of ways to see Che and that his movie expresses obviously the way to conceive him from the perspective of someone who is not a Latin. It is difficult to talk about something that is very emotional, in order to make a movie, he added.

The director, who is also a winner of the Palma de Oro with Sex, lies and videotapes, informed that he is already finishing the comedy The Informer and he will immediately afterwards move towards the shooting of a story of New York prostitute and afterwards he will carry on with a musical with Catherine Zeta Jones.


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