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Fidel Castro Stresses Actions by Cuban People
In his third and final part of his Cubadebate article entitled "The Battle of the Truth and Martin Blandino's Book," Fidel Castro stressed that "the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) are for our Party an unassailable bulwark, a Mambi Army which this time was not, and never will be disarmed."

Referring to the memorable battle in Camgamba, the Cuban leader recalls that as the dramatic combats developed "we could see that the enemy intended more than an isolated action. First, we had to save the Cuban internationalists and the men of the 32nd Brigade FAPLA."

"On August 7, in a handwritten letter I sent to those besieged, we promised they would be rescued at all costs," he stated.

"The assault and landing brigade was sent from Cuba by air. If need be, all the available means would be used, that’s why we urged them to resist as they did. Once the mission of crushing the assailing forces had been accomplished other measures had to be adopted to break up the enemy’s strategic plans," Fidel Castro wrote.


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