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Baseball Cuban Pitcher Announces Retirement
At a training session break in Cinco de Septiembre Stadium in his home province, Cienfuegos, Palma declared to Cuba News Agency that when he started training for the coming national tournament he realized he could not be able to play at the same level that he was used to.

Palma, 6’2”, 91 kilos, pointed out in the interview that he wouldn’t like to create false expectations to those fans that had seen him act as starter or reliever, both home and abroad. As member of the Cuban national team, Palma won Cento American, Pan American and Olympic championships, as well as World Cups and championships.

Among his latest performances his silver medals in the Baseball World Classic and in Beijing Olympic Games stand out. Talking about his retirement the lefty said it was a decision analized along the national and provincial directives, and it will become a reality during the coming baseball season.

The veteran pitcher announced he is working with 8 left-handed pitchers in his team, to whom he plans to teach everything he learnt, in order to help his province to leave the bottom places it has reached in the last years. Palma, 38, declared he enjoys being part of the game, though from a different position now.


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