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Cuban Backup Generators Pass the Test
Cold drinking water, sleeping mosquito-free and preserving dinner time leftovers are some of the minimal comforts that electricity provides.

However, when we speak about power generation with back-up generators —which are able to guarantee the supply of energy when all conventional means fail— the benefits can be as undreamed as guaranteeing the performance of a surgery during a hurricane.

Despite recent storm damage to hundreds of kilometers of electric lines and the breaking down of 137 high tension towers, thanks to new generators the province of Pinar del Río was able to provide essential services to the public, including the distribution of bread, milk and water.

Given its location at the extreme end of the country, the province of Pinar del Río does not have any type of central power generator plant, and therefore is easily cut off from the national power grid – as occurred in 2004 after the passing of Hurricane Charlie.

This situation gave rise to the setting up of a network of back-up generators, beginning in Vueltabajo, Pinar del Río, which was declared ready by then President Fidel Castro on January 17, 2006. So, this time, hurricanes Gustav and Ike did not leave people in the dark.

Hurricanes Gustav and Ike was the acid test for these generators. In Vueltabajo there are now 127 diesel units, eight fuel oil units and 17 reserve generators. All of them can connect to substations, and from there energy flows to communities.

For the first time, these generators demonstrated their benefits when the province became disconnected from the national power grid for 14 days.

(Juventud Rebelde)

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