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Cuban Government Representative Praises Health Sector
Rodriguez, who is also head of Economy and Planning, presided over a meeting with representatives of the government in the province, where he noted that despite Holguin being the province hardest hit by the hurricane, it closed September with an infant mortality rate of 2.78 in children under one year old.

That rate of deaths per thousand live births represents the lowest recorded by Holguin in its history and of the best result of the Mother and Child Care Program (PAMI) in the country.

He also recognized the work of health and hygiene on the environment and the prevention of any outbreak of epidemics, despite 403 of the health facilities in the province, including hospitals and health care areas, being damaged by the hurricane.

Thanks to the work done by Health workers through the application of alternative relocations, no health service was paralyzed in the territory. So far, the province has concluded the repair efforts in almost 100 of the damaged facilities.

Luis Struch, vice minister of Public Health, reported on other actions underway to repair the damage left by the devastating Hurricane Ike, including important resources, even now being transferred to the province.


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