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A tribute to Humberto Solas in the 40th anniversary of his movie Lucía
Apart from being a key figure in Cuban moviemaking, Solás was one of the founders of the New Latin American Cinema and his paradigm was always to make a compromised art, complex with its aesthetics and concept, assumptions he left a mark upon in the creation of the International Poor Cinema Festival from Gibara, Cuba.

Lucía, which deals with the role of women in the formation of identity on the Cuban nation, has been recognized by the international critic as one of the anthological Spanish-speaking movies and is found among the most important ten movies from the Third World.

The tribute included a theoretical space with a panel integrated by the critics and writers Antonio Mazón, Luciano Castillo, Alejandro G. Alonso and Dra. Graciela Pogolotti.

Also the assisting public was able to share with actors and technical personnel who worked in the movie, among them the wardrobe designer María Elena Molinet.

The gallery from the Charles Chaplin cinema opened the exhibition Lucía, aniversario 40 (Lucía, 40th anniversary) and in the evening there was screened the movie.


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