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Frank Fernandez famous cuban piano player to thank Russian solidarity
Arriving recently to offer a performance on October 4th in the Great Room from the Tchaikovsky Conservatory, a temple of world music, the artist thanked the fast and effective help of the authorities of the Eurasian Federation.

I love this country since I won a scholarship in 1996 and I came to complete ma education at the Tchaikovsky, from where I graduated. Afterwards I have come in professional functions around fifteen times, added the deputy, vice-president of the Cuban-Russian Friendship group.

In his first trip to foreign countries after occupying that responsibility, Fernandez expresses filled with emotion that the sympathy between both people is unbreakable.

The hurricanes Ike and Gustav coincided with a complicated world context, but still in the middle of that circumstances, the Russian Federation performed as a brother and one of the best ones, added the author of Zapateo por derecho.

When he referred to this new presentation in a stage where he has shone repeatedly in front of a demanding public, the piano player explained that for the first time he will share the solo parts with another piano player.

We are talking about Joao Donato, Brazilian known as the King of Bossa Nova, who will do the first part together with the symphonic orchestra and the Cuban battery player Rui Adrián Lopez-Nussa, he pointed out.

In the second part, with the orchestra, I will interpret pieces by José White and Ernesto Lecuona, and I will close with Rapsody in Blue, by George Gerswing, a piece in which I add this time a very unusual detail, he said.

We will dedicated this gala to the children from Moscow Music schools, invited absolutely free, but in my thankful heart there will be all of the Russian people, concluded the artist.


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