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In Havana Where there are exhibitions of Luis Martinez Pedro and Cesar Leal
Luis Martínez Pedro: vision and trade, offers a tour through paintings and drawings of this author that belongs to the so called second generation of Cuban modern painters. It is a tribute of La Acacia to the author of Aguas territoriales. Some paintings of this series are included in the collection of the National Museum of Arts. A group of drawings that are part of the gallery funds are also included in the exhibition.

“In these pieces, as in every work, the spectator will be able to find a caudal of contemporary motivations that where stamped with talent in paintings, drawings, designs and ceramic …”, assured in the words to the catalogue Tony Piñera, who was the curator of the exhibition.

In the second room, the public will be able to enjoy a retrospective of the work of Cesar Leal between 1965 and 2008, called Carpe Diem (Enjoy the Moment). There we are witness again of the drawing skills of this artist, in card or cloth.

Gato mecánico, of 1965 transport us to the Cesar Leal of the National Art Schools, while pieces such as Aspectos of1973, Autorretrato, of 1997 and Brainwashing (3), of 2008 allow us to see the creative way of the artists from his start until nowadays.

Talking about Carpe Diem of Cesar Leal, Toni Piñera said that “it allow us to see different moments he has enjoyed in his wide trip through the roads of the plastic arts and allow us to calibrate in an exceptional way the variety and richness of the readings of his creativity where excelled the exaltation for uncontrollable moments of his perceptions”.

The Martínez Pedro exhibition will be opened until next 4 of October, while the one of Cesar Leal will be seen until the 15 of November.

The third exhibition will show Cuban historic beauties, hands and personalities seen through the inventiveness of Joel Jover from Camaguey. The art of recycling art combine the most diverse materials in a mainly figurative and very contemporary speech.


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