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Cuban first vice president says recovery is going well
In a statement to the press, he highlighted that it is extremely positive to see the participation of the victims of the hurricanes, as well the mass organizations and state bodies, including the Revolutionary Armed Forces.

Given the magnitude of the damage caused by the two phenomena, he added, not every problem will be resolved immediately, but the people and their Revolution will continue to move forward.

Machado Ventura noted that in the struggle against the effects of the hurricanes, the country is experiencing a specific situation and this is obliging us to intensify the fight against criminal activity, in order to prevent abuse and the possibility of individuals prospering at the expense of collective difficulties. The people must participate in this battle. Among the principal tasks of the present time, he mentioned the process of applications for acquiring idle land in usufruct, as well as the discussions underway in workplaces on the new Social Security Bill, in which the active participation of the Party is needed in order to clarify why such measures are necessary.

(Granma International)

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