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 In Las Tunas Cuba More than 94000 inhabitants are immunized of Vaccination the Leptospirosis
Doctor Aldo Cortes, director of the Provincial Center of Hygiene Epidemiology and Microbiology told Tiempo21 that the vaccination is carried out in those more than 500 clinics of the System of Primary Assistance, where could be in risk before this illness.

The specialist specified that in the eight municipalities of the territory the vaccine is guaranteed and applied to people older than 15 years old.

In the Campaign all the people that work in areas of risks have been immunized, like the workers of the Company of telecommunications (ETECSA) who are exposed to some of these epidemic affections.

The vaccination reduces the risk of being contaminated with this illness, as consequence of the wide proliferation of the bacteria that it originates and the deterioration of hygienic environment caused in Las Tunas by the climatological disaster Ike.

In Las Tunas the System of Health prioritizes the population's protection against epidemics by means of the sanitary prevention. It promotes specialized personnel's training and the state guarantees the resources to eradicate contagious illnesses.


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