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Cuban chess player Fidel Corrales Wins Catalan Chess Circuit
Fidel Corrales scored 197 points, which was too hard to beat for Azerbaijan’s Azer Mirzoev (GM), who ended up in the second place with 188.

The Cuban participated in 10 of the 24 tournaments included in the series and had an outstanding performance in several of them, such as the open tournaments with Barberá and Balaguer, in which he finished second.

The results have added points to Corrales’ current Elo of 2,502, and —according to estimates by experts— he is expected to appear with an over 2,540 Elo in an updated report in October.

The third place in the circuit was also won by a Cuban, GM Lazaro Bruzon, who finished with 179 points after leading the tournament for several weeks.

Corrales and another Cuban, Holden Hernandez, appear on the official list of participants in the Casino Tournament of Barcelona, scheduled for October 30 to November 7.

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