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UN Official Praises Cubas Social Development
In statements published by the digital edition of the Bohemia magazine, the UNICEF executive said that Cuba has proven wrong the thesis that says that guaranteeing children’s rights depends on economic resources.

“The truth is that, if there is political willingness, many things can be done. Cuba is working very seriously to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. In fact, several of these goals have already been fully attained and there is significant improvement in others,” the UN
official noted.

“All children and adolescents in Cuba go to school; university education is free of charge; and access to health services is also free and universal,” he added.

“While we speak of giving priority to the elementary education of female children in the world, in Cuba, women are a majority in university centers. Gender equity in the Cuban education sector was achieved long ago,” Ortiz stressed.

“That is why in Cuba UNICEF’s programs are atypical and our work is aimed mainly at supporting the restoration of institutions such as the centers for the care of pregnant women, which, although they did not close, suffered deterioration during the economic crisis known as the Special Period,” the UN official concluded.

(Tribuna de La Habana)

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