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Cuba Moves On Despite Blockade
In a televised news conference, the chief of Cuban diplomacy said that humanity faces great danger if it doesn’t change its actual patterns of disparity.

"In the middle of an adverse international environment, an unfavorable situation, and even in the middle of a hard blockade imposed by the United States, our country will move forward without abandoning, above all, those who have fewer possibilities," said on the Foreign Ministry website.

Perez Roque also expressed thanks for the goodwill of other nations that have sent humanitarian assistance to support the recovery of the island after hurricanes Gustav and Ike.

Already 23 nations have sent donations, whose importance goes beyond a monetary figure, added the minister, who also recognized the job done by different agencies of the United Nations with which Cuba has very strong ties.

The diplomat added that the worst problems lie in food production and housing, but nobody will be abandoned and the country will move on.


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