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Intellectuals in 30 countries demand an end to the blockade on Cuba
The message, which is circulating on the internet (, notes that Cuba was dramatically impacted by two powerful hurricanes recently, and that its people are demanding an immediate halt to the odious blockade that has been maintained against Cuba by successive U.S. administrations for almost 50 years.

The appeal to the world from a large group of Cuban artists and intellectuals has become a website,, and anyone in the world can access it.

Artists from a total of 30 countries, including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Italy, France, Greece, Australia, the United Kingdom, South Africa and other nations have signed the appeal to date, and they include philosophers, actors, novelists, journalists and jurists.

"We are appealing to the sensitivity of intellectuals and artists all over the world to demand an immediate end of the criminal U.S. blockade and to promote actions of solidarity and help for Cuba," the appeal says.

What the island is asking for is a human right, not charity, said outstanding dancer Alicia Alonso, director of the National Ballet of Cuba, referring to the appeal.


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