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Renowned Cuban Film Maker Humberto Solas Passed Away
Humberto was known in Cuba and abroad as the author of the film “Lucia”, an outstanding work, which will turn forty years these days.

Being very young Solas at ICAIC Solas also wrote and directed films like “Manuela” (1966), and after that he made renowned films such as “Un dia de noviembre” (1972), “Cantata de Chile” (1975), “Cecilia” (1981), “Un hombre de exito” (1986), “El siglo de las luces” (1991), all of them typical movies of a film maker who always expressed his passion and wisdom.

Economic difficulties encouraged the indispensable vindication of his poetry. “Miel para Oshun (2001) and “Barrio Cuba (2005) were films made during a period that Solas defended with all the passion he put to each of his initiatives, like the International Festival of the Low-Budget Cinema, held in Gibara, which defends the audiovisual works made on poor economic recourses, but with high conceptual aspirations.

In 2005, Solas was granted the National Film Award, which joined many other distinctions, including the 1999 Felix Varela Order in its first class, and the 1988 Alejo Carpentier Medal. Previously, he had been awarded the Medal for the Underground Struggle for his revolutionary fight.

Humberto has left us an ever-lasting work in images that bright for their capacity to artistically express the periods of time, humankind and the destiny of Cuban life. His teachings will be a crucial reference for current and future generations of film makers and intellectuals who join their lives to the fate of their nations. Due to his family’s decision, the burial ceremony will have be in private.


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