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Cubans students from the National Ballet School to compete in Beijing
The organizers of this important event to which the most important young talents in the world of dance assist, were shocked by the performance of Osniel in the recent competition in Varna, Bulgaria and they decided to pay all of his expenses, together with that of his partner so that they may travel to China.

The young man from Matanzas, who is only seventeen years old, who is currently undergoing the third year in the Ballet School, outstands for his spectacular technique and refined artistic expression and is foreseen as one of the great Cuban dancers in an immediate future.

The participation in the Chinese capital aims to hold an exchange with the most recent
tendencies of ballet, the teaching of that art and the courses that it sets.

Born in a modest family that had no tradition in classical dance, the paradigm in the career of the young promise is another Cuban Carlos Acosta, who has broken schemes in the world of ballet, who is among the best in the world of ballet.

Another of the immediate projects of the school is the participation next December in an international project from the Fund of the United Nations Education, Science and Culture organization (UNESCO), which also involves centers from Brazil and South-Africa.

We are talking about the program Danza por la vida (Dance for life) which aims to offer a ray of hope in times when humanity faces challenges that endanger their existence.

Recently Osiel Gorneo won the silver medal in the Varna Ballet Competition in the junior category, the most ancient and important event in this art and whose jury was presided by the famous Russian dancer Vladimir Vasiliev, who was impressed with his performance.


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