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Cuban five Mother for US Women Help
"If they could hear me, I would tell them to join this fair cause, that what their country has done with these five men is a very big crime," Sehwerert told Prensa Latina.

Irma made this statement before traveling to Honduras, where she will continue the campaign to support the release of Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labanino, Fernando Gonzalez, Antonio Guerrero and René Gonzalez.

Satisfied with a Nicaragua visiting, she noted that press attention had been positive, and that "We did not think we would have had such extensive media coverage."

Media currently play an important role to achieve the release and return to Cuba of the Five, as they are universally known, because all that is left is a Supreme Court appeal, she explained.

Due to irregularities committed in the trial, the United States has been trying to hide the case of the Five from public opinion and "there is a wall of silence around what happened in that trial," Sehwerert stated.

She mentioned the case of the US media giant CNN, which with representatives in Cuba and despite interviews and contacts, has not published the message of what is happening with the case of the Five.


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